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01 Mike Leichner House of Good News
02 Chuck Day & Linda Davis It’s Time to Work Things Out
03 Debbie Bennett Sunshine Rain & Roses
04 Marla Ratliff Friends in High Places
05 Mike Manuel If She Only Knew
06 Psalm 100 Just Might Be Going Home Today
07 Walt Mills When God Dips His Love in My Heart
08 Carrie Underwood Something in the Water
09 Bev McCann Smile
10 Charles Scarlette When I Got Saved
11 David House It’s Gonna Be Alright
12 Julie Reese Don’t Give Up On Me
13 Jon Dameron Without the Cross
14 Miles Pike Creed
15 Mary James No Wound Too Deep
16 Chuck Day Back Page News
17 Waymasters, The What Would I Do Without Your Son
18 Twice Born Testify
19 Terry Davis Loving Arms
20 Brandon Poole Remember the Day
21 Cindy Hughlett Time
22 Tommy Brandt Unclouded Day
23 Parish Family Prescripted Addiction
24 Jimmy R. Price Praise Jesus
25 Carol Barham You’re My Moma
26 Woodalls, The First Day In Heaven
27 Mike & Doris Merrill Detour
28 Walt Mills When the Tribulation Enters I’ll Be gone
29 Russ Murphy Beauty for Ashes
30 Ricky Russ God Loves The Cowboy in Me
31 Sheila Arnold Get Real, Get Jesus and Get a Life
32 Myra Rolen God Walks the Dark Hills
33 Gina Roberts Hamilton Let Me Live
34 Freddie Hart God is Easy Lovin
35 Royel Clark Don’t Miss Heaven By a Text
36 Wanda Lee These Songs Tell Me
37 Betty Jean Robinson Tell Mother I’ll Be There
38 Duncans, The I Can Pray for You
39 Cassidy Taylor You Are Love
40 Brian Cagle He Came Down
41 Clinton Gregory Pray it Away
42 Del Way Love Held My Savior to a Tree
43 Joanne & Tommy Cash My Lord Has Gone
44 Pony Express Crossing Over
45 Wanda Lee I Am One
46 David Livingston Look Up
47 Tammy Vice Good Things
48 Andy Fauth Jesus’ Feet
49 Dale Friedrich All Aboard the Jesus Train
50 David Livingston Not Another Day
51 Cindy Hughlett The Way
52 Aven Grace He’s Still Standing Guard
53 Cross Fire Gospel Band Lean on the Lord
54 Dennise Dittman There He Is
55 Gayla Earlene Please Take a Message
56 Dwayne Cook What Would God Say
57 Greg McDougal The Work of a Carpenter
58 Irlene Mandrell We Will Stand
59 David Lemons Hell Bound USA
60 Jamie Coulter That’s Where You Brought Me From
61 Heart to Heart Are You Ready
62 James Payne The Promisland
63 Russ Murphy On Eagles Wings
64 Jimmy Jack Whitaker When I Pray
65 Tamatha Hurst Nail Scarred Hands
66 Waymasters, The There’s a Light Guiding Me
67 David House Sweet Hand of Mercy
68 Randy Gunn Walk To Him
69 Andrew Dean I’ll Be Gone
70 Dan Duncan Take This Bible
71 Don Richmond/Richmond, Jr. Pray
72 Garth Brooks The Call
73 Arkin Terrell Clean Slate
74 Ashlen Jackson He Knows the Way Home
75 Aven Grace How Sweet The Name
76 Bart Fortenbery He Found Me
77 Brandon Poole The Big House
78 Gordon Mote Ain’t it Just Like the Lord
79 Jamie Lynn Flanagin When My Room is Ready
80 John Penney WWJD – Good Enough For Me
81 Gina & Jimmy White Sweet By and By
82 Mark Carman The Wretch
83 Joy Roberts Jesus is My Rock
84 Helmsmen, The His Blood
85 Donny Richmond How Much Do You Love Him Now
86 Loman Craig God Sees Everything
87 Tommy Smith Bring Jesus Back to School
88 James Payne Hand Full of Nails
89 Glorya Wilson It’s In Your Hands, Lord
90 James Marvell Prophecy
91 Kevin Rowe & the Prodigal Sons He’s Coming
92 Sheila Arnold Are You Ready To Go
93 Morris Brothers Mother & Daddy Are Gone
94 Carla Jones I Know That Jesus Loves Me
95 Dwayne Cook Holdin’ On
96 Waymasters, The Hills of Glory
97 Payton Dean Satan’s Got To Get Along Without Me
98 Marty Raybon He’s Still Doing Miracles Today
99 Terry McCormick This World Is Not My Home
100 Parish Family Brand New Angel Wings
  Mike Manuel Trophy of Grace