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01 Cindy Hughlett The Way  
    02 Chuck Hancock Jesus, I Believe  
    03 Randy Gunn Walk To Him  
    04 Waymasters Hills of Glory  
    05 Micki Farington I Choose to Be a Christian  
    06 Russ Murphy On Angel Wings  
    07 Lonnie King Was That You Lord  
    08 James Payne The Promiseland  
    09 Del Way Love Held My Savior to a Tree  
    10 Jimmy Jack Whitaker When I Pray  
    11 Walt Mills When the Tribulation Enters  
    12 Gina & Jimmy White Sweet By and By  
    13 Dan Duncan Take This Bible  
    14 Tommy Smith Bring Jesus Back to School  
    15 Jimmy R. Price Praise Jesus  
    16 Brandon Poole Remember The Day  
    17 Mike Leichner House of Good News  
    18 Terry Davis Loving Arms  
    19 Mike Manuel If She Only Knew  
    20 Kinfolk Out the Window  
    21 Sheila Arnold Are You Ready To Go  
    22 John Penney Because He Lives  
    23 Terry & Debra Luna I Know  
    24 Betty Jean Robinson Bread of Life  
    25 Steve Richard & Laura Dodd I Know He Hears Me  
    26 Kenzie Heaven Came Down  
    27 Chuck Day & Linda Davis It’s Time to Work Things Out  
    28 Tommy Brandt Broken  
    29 Mary James Take Me Away From You  
    30 Jamie Lynn Flanakin Who Loves Me More  
    31 John Berry Love Is A Cross  
    32 Marlon Sharp Cowboy Church  
    33 Judy Bailey Down On Your Knees  
    34 Brice Hedrick Better Man  
    35 Gina West Calvary  
    36 David House It’s Gonna Be Alright  
    37 Mary Fay Jackson Every Step of the Way  
    38 David Livingston Look Up  
    39 Freddie Hart This Old Church  
    40 McCray Dove Band They Wouldn’t Forgive Me  
    41 Kelton French I’m Gonna Fly Away  
    42 Tina Sadler All Consuming Fire  
    43 Rodney Morss Born in America  
    44 Gina Roberts Hamilton Ten Thousand Angels Cried  
    45 Arkin Terrell Clean Slate  
    46 John Randolph I Choose Now  
    47 Debbie Bennett Sunshine Rain & Roses  
    48 Sheila Arnold Get Real, Get Jesus and Get a Life  
    49 Joy Roberts Jesus is My Rock  
    50 Walt Mills When the Tribulation Enters I’ll Be Gone  
    51 Marty Raybon He’s Still Doing Miracles Today  
    52 John Penney WWJD – Good Enough For Me  
    53 Waymasters, The Take Me Home  
    54 Miles Pike Creed  
    55 Betty Jean Robinson Bread of Life  
    56 Mark Carman The Wretch  
    57 Bev McCann Smile  
    58 Glorya Wilson It’s In Your Hands, Lord  
    59 Cindy Hughlett Time  
    60 Dwayne Cook Well Done My Son  
    61 Psalm 100 Just Might Be Going Home Today  
    62 Gayla Earlene Please Take a Message  
    63 James Payne Hand Full of Nails  
    64 The Duncans I Can Pray for You  
    65 Ricky Russ God Loves The Cowboy in Me  
    66 Betty Jean Robinson Tell Mother I’ll Be There  
    67 Parish Family & Marty Raybon Prescripted Addiction  
    68 David Livingston Not Another Day  
    69 Joan Gregory Shall We Gather at the River  
    70 Cindy Hughlett & David Sweet Hand of Mercy House  
    71 Parish Family Old House  
    72 Chuck Day Back Page News  
    73 JoAnne Cash Yates Glory, Glory  
    74 Dwayne Cook Holdin’ On  
    75 Gina White When Jesus Takes His Bride Away  
    76 Marla Ratliff Friends in High Places  
    77 Russ Murphy Beauty for Ashes  
    78 Mike & Doris Merrill Detour  
    79 Shelia Arnold Are You Ready  
    80 Pony Express Crossing Over  
    81 Twice Born Testify  
    82 Rusty Gilliam The Wheel in the Middle of the Wheel  
    83 Walt Mills When God Dips His Love in My Heart  
    84 Wanda Lee These Songs Tell Me  
    85 Williamsons It Was the Word  
    86 Chuck Hancock Jesus Broke That Bottle  
    87 Parish Family Brand New Angel Wings  
    88 Tommy Brandt Unclouded Day  
    89 Wanda Lee I Am One  
    90 Waymasters, The What Would I Do Without Your Son  
    91 Kenny Gardner Didn’t I Walk on Water  
    92 Mike Manuel Trophy of Grace  
    93 Darlene Jennusa Jesus I love You, I Really Do  
    94 Bridge of Faith Tougher Than Nails  
    95 Billy Gene Dickerson If It Hadn’t Been for Jesus  
    96 David Lynn Michaels Truckers Prayer  
    97 Mary James No Wound Too Deep  
    98 Clinton Gregory Pray it Away  
    99 Brandon Poole The Big House  
    100 Peter Christie Band My Father’s House